75% Of Your Emotions Are Affected By What You’re Sniffing

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Your Sense of Smell is your SUPERPOWER. It’s your connector to your beliefs, emotional states and memory.

Scent can open up new dimensions to your subconscious & connect you deeper to your self and the world around you.

How? Because unlike any of your other senses, you’re 100x more likely to remember an emotion or state of being based on what you’re smelling rather than what you see, touch or hear.

Why? – because it’s directly connected and intertwined with the part of your brain that processes your emotions and stores memories.

“75% of the emotions you experience on a daily basis are affected by what you’re smelling… Research has shown that we are 100x more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear or touch. (Avery Gilbert, Sensory Psychologist at Monell University)

The ancients call this the magical & ritualistic use of scent.

We like to call it SCENT ANCHORING.

Think of a smell right now that you immediately associate with a certain thing or certain somebody in your life…

Or if you can’t think of one..

Think of baked cookies. Does it takes you back to your grandmother’s kitchen or your childhood? Or the smell of hot rain on concrete, or Subway’s waiting bread rolls?

How does that memory make you feel?

That immediate emotional response you just experienced has been anchored into you memory through repetition, your sense of smell and an emotional connection.

These Scent Memory Links are created by smelling the same thing over and over again and building an association with it.

It’s now proven that scent has a direct impact on your life. Up to 75% impact in fact.

The use of scent in your everyday life, whether you wear perfume or not, gives you a powerful tool for anchoring and accessing any emotional state you desire.

What is Scent Anchoring?

Scent anchoring is the art and science of engaging multiple senses at once to establish and embed empowering beliefs, emotions states and memories into your life.

When you combine your senses of sight, sound and smell, you create a complex 4D experience of our present reality.

This is why adding scent in some way or another into your routine is going to help you craft the life you truly desire.

“If you trigger a response from two of your senses at the same time, the impact of that experience on your subconscious increases by 30% . If three senses are triggered, it increases by 70%.” (Avery Gilbert, Sensory Psychologist at Monell University)

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