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Scent is art - genderless, it embeds our memories, creates our experiences and shapes how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

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If you could create a scent that only you have – what would it say about you?

A 1:1 expert-led experience to create and hand-blend your signature scent from over 80 industry ingredients.



The most important detail of your wedding day is one you can’t see.

Create an experience you & your loved ones will never be able to forget. A scent to remember your day forever.

New Box + Bottle

Private label manufacturing

Create your own fragrance line or brand scent with a creative flair.

Custom creations, bottling, packaging and exceptional support with full service from concept to market.



"A scent is a time capsule - a masterpiece that needs no description. The ultimate reflection of how we perceive ourselves & the world around us.”


Our mission is syntactic and poignant:
to step out from what is commercial fragrance and propose a new multi-sensory experience of creating stories, embedding memories and celebrating individuality through an artistic contemporary gaze.

1 %
of our daily emotional reactions being cultivated through our sense of smell
1 X
your memory of an experience when you connect it to smell rather than sight, sound or touch.

OTHER Services

OLFactory Branding

Enhance your brand with scent.
Creating an innovative and emotionally charged experience, guests will never be able to get anywhere else, you create a space that completely breaks the norm.

We Believe In

We believe that scent has no gender.
We believe in honouring your individuality.
We believe scent is a reflection of self & space.
We believe that scent is art, & art speaks for itself.
We believe scent is the most powerful communicator.
We believe that scent is the doorway to embedding memories.

FEATURED Fragrances


Autumn, 2017
Melbourne, Australia

Dry Spice | Aromatics | Hay

“IN-BETWEEN. The inspired androgyny in me.”


about the founder

Creating over a hundred Custom Scents for clients, “Luana’s scent pallet is sophisticated & mature & has been dubbed well ahead of her years.”

From small town in rural NZ to aspiring Opera singer, Luana completed a Bachelor of Classical Music & Italian Language in both New Zealand & Florence, Italy.

But after discovering the power our sense of smell has to invoke our most intimate memories & experiences, Luana was drawn to scent & was hand-selected to work with one of the most prestigious scent design companies in Australia, where she developed her craft.

Now one of Australia’s leading Contemporary Scent Designer’s herself, Luana is on a mission to change the way we perceive & understand scent through Custom & Bespoke Scent Experiences & Olfactive Logo’s for retail brands & creative spaces.

Real STORIES From Real People...





‘When The Moon Meets Mars’

220kg of dirt, a whole lot of cedar wood and a hint of smoke completes this multi-sensory dining experience.

Earthy Terracotta’s | Gooey Pinks | Hints of Smoke
-The cosmic glow of the moon

Untitled design


“My Custom Scent takes me back in time… to childhood memories of high-end Candy stores with my father who has now passed.

I believe it’s my obligation to share this experience and these memories with so many more.”   – Kim, Founder

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You Are the Author of Your Own Story.

Short Story believes in sharing meaningful gifts & stories that bring people together.
“A bright smile is your signature and laughter is your message to the world.”

in the


bespoke wedding fragrance

By Luis Bespoke Wedding Scent spread featured in Australia’s leading Same-sex wedding directory magazine, Mr Theodore.

Have you thought about what scent you’re going to wear on your special day?

The fragrance you choose will embed that memory forever and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Filled with 144-pages of wedding inspiration for all couples, Mr Theodore is the newest go-to wedding magazine for all couples that value equality and the best wedding planning inspiration.

To book a consultation for your Bespoke Wedding Fragrance, click the button below and get in touch.


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