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You’ve Not Seen Empowered Booty Shaking Until You’ve Seen Miss Minxette...

by Minx Hafon
— Founder of MBassy Dance School & Reggaeton QUEEN @missminxette

For more than 10 years MissMinxette (Minx) has brought her unique fair for colour and creativity to the studios and stages of Australia and the world. She is a versatile dancer who specialises in all styles of Street Latin, especially Reggaeton & Mambo.

At the heart of Minx's brand is a passion and respect for the history and culture of these dance styles. As a teacher and storyteller, she encourages her students to be strong advocates for dance culture and effortlessly creates an environment for everyone to express their own individuality and style.

Her proudest dance achievements include five Australian professional Reggaeton titles and featuring in So You Think You Can Dance Australia’s top 100 dancers. Her competition troupe, MFassis Crew, has won 11 National titles to date and continues to entertain crowds worldwide.

She is the founding Director of her own dance school, the MBassy, with many exciting projects in the works for 2019!
Minx is experienced at teaching all skill levels and all age groups and holds a current WWCC.

Minx teaches us...and her classes are our absolute “happy place” -- bringing so much sexy, sweaty, bootie giggling joy into our lives every week, we just had to interview her for Beauty Empowered.





What do you do?
I am a dance choreographer, performer & teacher.

Why you do it?
Because it fills me with joy and helps me spread that joy to others.

How did your offering start?
I’ve always loved the arts and performing since I was a child, but my journey to teaching dance started when a teacher needed an assistant for his street latin classes many years ago, he asked me and I accepted, the rest is history!

Random fact or hobby?
Many people don’t realise I’m a true nerd with a degree in Biomedical Science.

How do you create space?
My main aim when I teach is to create a safe space where anyone, no matter their physical movement background, can feel safe to experiment and learn about their bodies and how they can move to express themselves.

Morning and/or evening ritual?
Lately, my husband and I play word scramble games in bed to get sleepy together.

Oil, perfume or both?

Fave Power Scent?

How does scent inspire you?
I love the comfort of a familiar scent that reminds you of someone you love.

I cannot live without...

When do you feel most powerful?
When I am completely being myself! I was bullied for my entire school career, even through college and university. Whether it was for my being mixed race, being too much of a nerd, looking too different, or wearing weird clothes; I never fit in the ‘right’ way. I also never caved in or changed myself to assimilate.
My aim in life now is to be as visible as possible whilst being myself, whether it’s simply wearing a crazy coloured lipstick in public or the way I choose to teach my dance classes. I feel empowered that I can be a leading example to people of all ages that they shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves.

When do you feel most vulnerable?
The answer to this question is almost the same as the last one. While visibly ‘being myself’ can feel empowering, it’s certainly hard sometimes. It’s almost an everyday occurrence that I hear people snicker, point or try to take
sneaky photos of me in public. If I’m not having a great day, it can send me right back to those school days and that victim mentality can really try to take over. It’s then that I need to remember that this is not a weakness, but just a bad habit to train out of myself. After all, those days are still the majority of my life at this point: I finished uni when I was 21, so it hasn’t even been a decade since for me to try undo that mentality.

How do you reconnect with yourself?
It’s a weird thing when your passion is your job. I dance to work but I also dance for fun. So I re-connect with myself through social dancing (street latin). Going to an evening and freestyle dancing with people simply for the fun of it, not to show off, not to perform, just to enjoy the music and play with it freely, along with another person. It nourishes my soul and so I can continue to transfer that positive energy to my dance students.

What's your favourite sense & why?
This is tricky. The visual artist in me loves sight for the way colours, geometry and movement can be so evocative. However, as a dancer, I do need music and my hearing… I think sight still wins over though.
I always have an image in my mind of what I am creating, the costumes, the shapes the dancers will create, the themes and ideas, before I even think about the music. It very rarely comes from the song first for me. In fact, I feel like dance has been the gateway through which I can better appreciate a greater variety of music than I ever would have without it.

Power Vs. Force

by Maya Morris
— e Spiritual Paramedic
— Co-founder of Beauty Empowered

After the 108th triple chaturanga dandasana, my triceps definitely felt empowered...I dunno about my Soul though.
So I began to slow down my practice, tune in and learn how to observe and understand what was happening in my body, on a symbolic and universal level.I began to expand into the feelings (some of which were quite uncomfortable) and my most important muscle, my brain became stronger.

I felt more grounded, lighter, taller, I could balance better, my breath became deeper and more fluid and I was able to control my body and mind like never before. On the yoga mat...and definitely beyond, where it matters most...let's be honest yogi's.

In a world that is obsessed with power...I'm learning what real power means.

Power versus force.

A power coming from that one place that doesn't change. From the truth that is pure consciousness, Soul.

“We were born to manage power.”
Caroline Myss - Medical Intuitive

This power that comes from stillness. From observing what happens to our mind, when we don't "micro-adjust" our yoga poses, when we don't try and escape that challenging hold and instead breathe deeper expanding our capacity to observe, take complete responsibility of, and deal with uncomfortable situations that life may present.

At 41 I am feeling the most powerful I have ever felt and I'm now able to experience
the beauty in my life.

We all have the ability to heal. Intuition is not a gift. It is a skill.

Maya xo

The 75% you don’t know… but don’t worry - you’re about to BE ‘in the nose’.


by Lui Howard
—  e Mind-Scent Coach
— Co-founder of Beauty Empowered & Scent Creator at by luis Scent Art

75% of the emotions you experience on a daily basis are affected by what you’re sniffing.

Your Sense of Smell is your SUPERPOWER. It’s your connector to your beliefs, emotions, state of BEing and memory.

Scent can open up new dimensions to your subconscious & connect you deeper to your higher self.

How? Because unlike any of your other senses, your 100x more likely to remember an emotion or state of BEing through your sense of smell.

Why? – because it’s directly intertwined with the part of your brain that processes emotions and stores your memories.

The ancients call this the magical & ritualistic use of scent.

We like to call it ANCHORING YOUR POWER.

Think of a smell right now that you immediately associate with a certain thing or certain somebody in your life…

Or if you can’t think of one..

Have you ever smell baked cookies and it takes you back to your grandmother’s kitchen? Or the smell of hot rain on concrete, or Subway’s waiting bread rolls?

How does that make you feel?

That immediate emotional response you just experienced has been anchored into you memory through repetition, your sense of smell and an emotional connection.

These Scent Memory Links are created by smelling the same thing over and over again and building an association with it.

It’s now proven that scent has a direct impact on your life. Up to 75% impact.

The use of scent in your everyday life, whether you wear perfume or not gives you a powerful tool for accessing any emotion of state you desire.

What is Scent Anchoring?

Scent anchoring is the art and science of engaging multiple senses at once to produce and embed empowering beliefs, emotions & states of BEing into your life. Scent experiences enhance the impact of anchoring by 70% as opposed to other visualisation tools alone.

When you combine your senses of sight, sound and smell, you create a complex 4D experience of our present reality.

This is why adding scent into your daily routine is going to help you create the life you desire:

· “75% of the emotions you experience on a daily basis are affected by what you’re smelling... Research has shown that we are 100x more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear or touch. (Avery Gilbert, Sensory Psychologist at Monell University)

· If you trigger a response from two of your senses at the same time, the impact of that experience on your subconscious increases by 30% . If three senses are triggered, it increases by 70%. (Avery Gilbert, Sensory Psychologist at Monell University)

· If you have trouble meditating for longer than 5 minutes (like I did)... I have great news!!! Research concludes that the ritualistic use of scent in any environment will create a desire for you to stay for 40% longer. You’ll be meditating an hour a day before you know it...

Click the link below to find you Power Scent & learn how to anchor it with new Empowering

Beliefs, States of BEing. Start living the beautiful & inspired life you are meant to live now.